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Dr. Ralph Tripp

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      Dr. Ralph Tripp is a professor and Georgia Research Alliance Chair in Vaccine and Therapeutic Studies at the University of Georgia.  He earned his PhD in immunology from Oregon State University and trained in the field of viral immunity under the tutelage of Dr. Linda Gooding at Emory University (adenovirus immune evasion), and then with Laureate Professor Peter C. Doherty at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital (T cell memory to influenza virus). 

Dr. Tripp’s research interests are to develop translational disease intervention strategies for important human viruses and emerging infectious diseases of zoonotic origin. His labs investigate the mechanisms of immunity and disease pathogenesis associated with infection to better understand the conceptual and functional differences between innate and adaptive immune responses that provide the foundation necessary to facilitate vaccine and antiviral therapeutic protocols. His research vision is to understand the dynamics of host response to virus infection that will provide new strategies for resolving disease through the development of treatments or vaccines. Toward this goal, his labs are vested in safe and efficacious vaccine development for respiratory viruses.

Before joining the faculty at UGA, Dr. Tripp led a research team in vaccine studies for important human viral diseases in the Respiratory and Enteric Viruses Branch at the CDC. He has been recognized for outstanding service to the University of Georgia and the State of Georgia, as well as by the Georgia Veterinary Scholars, and he has been a recipient of the the NIAID Special Recognition Award for Extraordinary Work in H1N1 Influenza Research.  In addition, he was named Georgia BioBusiness Academic Entrepreneur of the Year in 2011.  Since 1998, Dr. Tripp has served on several NIH study sections as a reviewer and has been an associate editor for the journals Cellular Immunology and Virology, as well as an ad hoc reviewer for Nature and Blood.  He has over 170 peer-reviewed publications.  Additionally, Dr. Tripp has been awarded eleven patents, and another five are provisional.