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Dr. Tairo Oshima

Tairo Oshima, PhD
Institute of Environmental Microbiology
Kyowa Kako Company
Tokyo, Japan

Dr. Tairo Oshima directs the Institute of Environmental Microbiology at the Kyowa Kako Company in Tokyo, Japan, and is a professor emeritus from the Tokyo University of Pharmacy and Life Science and the Tokyo Institute of Technology. From 2002-2007, he was head of the Research Promotion Committee for the Protein 3000 Project, a national research project in Japan aimed at determining over 3,000 protein structures and their important biological and medical functions. Oshima earned his PhD from the University of Tokyo, and during the last 7 years, he has co-authored 45 peer-reviewed publications

Oshima’s research interests include proteins and enzymes from thermophiles, conformational stability of proteins, biochemistry and molecular biology of extremophiles and archaea, and evolutionary molecular engineering of enzymes. His recent work, and the focus of his talk, has been concentrated on polyamines, organic compounds that are essential in both eukaryotic and prokaryotic cells. Inhibition of cellular polyamine synthesis leads to cell growth suspension or severely retards cell growth.