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Hello everyone! This is my delegate's swan song. Craige Thomas and I have been poring over this website and its not done yet!

I hope to add a RSS feed (so regular visits to the site won't be necessary and a bajillion emails won't be clogging your Inboxes!). I also hope to add an archive to the site: a repository of SCAVMA officer reports (e.g. Secretary meeting minutes, Treasurer financial reports, President's reports, etc.). That's on top of getting the gallery fixed! New Delegate, you will be the Webmaster. Don't worry, Craige has made it pretty idiot-proof. Hey, I can do it, nuff said.

In my short term as Junior Delegate, I have:

  • proposed and seen to the successful institution of a new financial policy for SCAVMA
  • proposed and instituted a new SCAVMA website sponsorship program-proposed uses include:
rabies shots for 4th year class (or at least a discount)
technology fund for new AV equipment
notes for all SCAVMA members for multiple semesters
  • established a new, free way of RSVP's and document communication saving SCAVMA members' money- thanks Craige!
  • hosted the AVMA Vice President at UTCVM
  • constructed a new informational website for SCAVMA
  • instigated a SCAVMA By-laws review
  • co-sponsored a SAVMA resolution to the AVMA regarding college accreditation
  • deliberately,actively, and successfully opposed SAVMA/SCAVMA due increases on the SAVMA House floor
  • consulted with AVMA Division of state legislative and regulatory affairs regarding state motions for repayment of student loans

Also, I have a number of contacts/proposals that I have been unable to carry out to fruition. I would like to look to the new delegates to carry the torch on.

As for "The Delegate's Desk: News From the House", you can find all sorts of goodies here, from a copy of the By-laws, links to other websites, to the mother-load of all free-money-giveaways. If you have any suggestions, comments, or questions, don't hesitate to contact me.

Yours truly and always,


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Senior Delegate
Virginia Kiefer

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Cara A. Clouse

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Dr. C. LeBlanc

Dr. J. Blackford