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Collaborations (College, Community and Partnerships)

Humans & Animals Learning Together

HALT is a program benefiting at-risk adolescents and rescued dogs from shelters. Adolescents teach dogs basic obedience training, providing a therapeutic intervention for the student trainers while increasing the adoptability of unwanted dogs. At-risk adolescents are selected by the staff of their agency to come to the HALT training site for four weeks to teach and socialize selected shelter dogs. Following the completion of the training, the dogs are placed in a suitable home.

Human Animal Bond in Tennessee

H.A.B.I.T. currently sponsors pet visitation programs in nursing homes, assisted-living residences, retirement centers, mental health centers, residences for children with special needs, rehabilitation facilities, hospital settings, and other facilities. We offer resources such as trained volunteers, medically and behaviorally screened animals, and guidance regarding pet visitation, program development, and evaluation.

College of Social Work (CSW)

The College of Social Work provides a professional social work education program that prepares undergraduate and graduate students for social work practice and doctoral level graduate students for social work research and academia.

Companion Animal Initiative of Tennessee (CAIT)

CAIT supports the mission to end the surplus of homeless cats and dogs in Tennessee through proactive humane education and a statewide spay/neuter program working with private veterinary practitioners in TN.

Community Coalition of Family Violence (CCFV)

A community-wide approach to the prevention of family violence through a coordinated effort among all agencies, local governments, departments, groups and courts. The Coalition shall promote education, prevention and intervention to improve the community response to family violence.

Knoxville Family Justice Center (KFJC)

The Knoxville-Knox County Family Justice Center is to provides victims of domestic abuse with an accessible, compassionate, confidential, comprehensive and safe single-source option for a new beginning, offering choices and opportunities. This one stop shop seeks to reduce the obstacles that keep families in violent situations. FJC clients will find advocacy, support and easier access to resources.

Knoxville Fatality Review Board

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