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Pet Loss Support Group

Coping with the loss of a pet can often times be a stressful experience. Veterinary Social Work PAUSE Program is offering a Pet Loss Support Group to help those experiencing the grief process. The group meetings are free and are designed for anyone whose pet has died, is terminally ill or physically lost.

The group is meant to provide emotional, psychological and moral support for its members. It is not a therapy group. The group offers:

  • A supportive environment where people can share their varied experience of loss and grieving.
  • A place to remember and honor the life of their pet.
  • An opportunity to connect with other bereaved pet owners and learn additional ways of coping with the loss of a pet.

On the main page under "Upcoming Events," see dates and times for the next "Pet Loss Support Group."

Directions to UTCVM's Pet Loss Recovery Group:

  1. From Neyland Drive, turn at the light onto Joe Johnson Blvd. (The direction of turning at the light onto Joe Johnson Blvd depends on the where you entered Neyland Drive. If you entered Neyland Drive from James White Parkway turn right onto Joe Johnson blvd. If you entered Neyland Drive from Kingston Pike turn left onto Joe Johnson Blvd.
  2. Follow the signs to the Small Animal Hospital Receiving Area. The building faces the river; there are signs in designated client parking areas that show "Client and Vistor Parking."

The Tennessee Forest Products Building is the first building across the street from the stop sign.

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