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Reduced Oxygen Packaging (ROP)


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The course will provide participants with general knowledge concerning reduced oxygen packaging (ROP) of food.  The course will introduce the different types of ROP, key concepts, gases, packaging materials and the related terminology.  The course will describe the use and functionality of ROP.  Hazards and control measures required to ensure safety of potentially hazardous foods (PHF) processed using ROP will be described. 


The cost for this web course is $100.00US or you can choose three (3) courses for $250.00US.


The course will be an introductory level, self-paced, web-based course that introduces personnel to reduced oxygen packaging of food. The course will describe the role and function of reduced oxygen packaging and the appropriate controls required to ensure the safety of ROP packaged food.

Target Audience

The target audience for this course is industry and federal, state, tribal, territorial and local food inspectors.  

Course Progression

Each module should take 1 hour to complete and may be completed at the participant’s own pace.  Participants must complete all 4 modules before taking the course post-test. Completion of the online course is a recommended prerequisite for the instructor-led course, “Special Processes at Retail”.

This self-paced course will be delivered using PowerPoint-style presentations designed by content experts, video scenarios for participant review, interactive activities in each module and other resources for participants to review. 

A multiple choice post-test will be administered at the end of module 4. The post-test will be available to participants who complete all 4 modules. A minimum score of 84.73% is required for passing and to permit participants to download the completion certificate.

Technical Requirements

Operating System



Pop-up Blockers

Windows 8, 8.1

IE 9 or above

MS office viewer (Word, PPT, Excel)




Adobe PDF Reader 8 or above



Google Chrome

Macromedia Flash Player 9 or above


Mac OS X


Adobe PDF Reader for Mac




Macromedia Flash Player 9 or above


  Google Chrome    


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