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What to Expect During Consultation

We appreciate your completing the extensive history before the consultation. It allows us to spend more time on treatment and training during the consultation. Consultations typically last 1 Ė 3 hours, depending on the nature of the problem.

During the consultation, we will discuss motivations and factors contributing to your animalís behavior problem and formulate a treatment plan. Treatments always include reward-based behavior modification, appropriate training or control aids, and changes to your petís environment (e.g. environmental enrichment or avoiding aggression triggers) and medications may be recommended in some cases. Please see Scheduling Appointment for information on medical examinations and blood work.

Although follow-up sessions are never required, they are strongly encouraged for almost every animal. In most instances behavior problems should be considered a chronic condition in need of consistent treatment, and the treatment itself will need to be altered as the petís behavior and family dynamics change. The number of appointments or training sessions is dependent on the specific problem, animal, and family.

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