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Behavior & Alternative Medicine

This club was started in 1993 and serves to inform students of the holistic method of treating animals' health problems. Holistic topics include:

  • acupuncture
  • chiropractic
  • herbal therapies
  • homeopathy
  • nutrition
  • and other alternative modalities.

An emphasis is also placed on behavior - normal and abnormal - since students do not have a course in behavior (although there is an elective).

Topics are based on the club members' interests. Speakers include those in the vet school, Knoxville veterinarians who use alternative treatments, and once a year a speaker from another part of the country is brought in to discuss behavior or alternative medicine.

In 1996, the AVMA established guidelines with respect to alternative medicine. Hopefully, this club will open doors for many students with these interests.

Contact the Behavior and Alternative Medicine Club for more information.

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