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Dr. Garrett Dawson '09

Dr. Garrett Dawson '09

It is not uncommon to see children toting a stuffed animal, doctoring its needs and commenting they want to be a veterinarian when they grow up. For Dr. Garrett Dawson 09, this was an accurate description of her as some 25 years ago as her mother claims her first words were babbling about becoming a veterinarian! Following an undergraduate degree from The University of the South, Dr. Dawson sought the education to make her childhood dream possible. Dr. Dawson completed an externship with Battleground Hospital for Animals in Franklin, TN in January of 2009 and later joined the practice in June of 2009. As an established practitioner Dawson has found she really loves surgery and feels fortunate that in her practice she commonly gets to perform surgeries. She chuckles and also adds she has a growing respect for dermatology! Dr. Dawson practices with 2 other veterinarians, one of whom, Dr. Robert Russell graduated from UTCVM in 1986.

When asked if there was anything she particularly wanted noted, she commented that she feels it is important as a recent graduate to thank all of UTCVM. She feels they more than adequately educated her.

Dr. Dawson and husband David, a general contractor, recently purchased and are renovating their first home south of Franklin. They share their home with 3 dogs, Oscar, Beaty and Jack. When not elbow deep in house projects, Dr. Dawson and her husband recently ran their first half marathon!

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2010-05-14 16:15:00

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