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UTCVM Urogenital Surgery

The University of Tennessee’s Veterinary Hospital performs routine and complicated urogenital surgeries. Routine castrations are performed on an outpatient basis, and the price of castration is reduced if the horse is presented on the last Friday of the month. Surgery to remove a cryptorchid (absent testis) is routinely performed at the University of Tennessee using a standard inguinal approach, with the horse anesthetized, or laparoscopically, with the horse standing and sedated or anesthetized. Penile amputation (partial phallectomy) is another urogenital surgery that is routinely performed at the University of Tennessee for treatment for penile or preputial cancer or other conditions.

Other urogenital surgeries that are performed on mares at the University of Tennessee include, laparoscopic ovariectomy, laparoscopic uteropexy, urethral extension in mares to resolve pooling of urine in the vagina, repair of cervical tears, and rectovestibular lacerations (RV tears) and fistulae.

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