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Our Mission is to optimize the health of companion animals during wellness and disease by providing a clinical nutrition practice to individual patients and consultation to veterinarians and pet owners while advancing nutritional knowledge through teaching, health studies, and continuing education.

Clinical Services

Many chronic medical conditions have a nutrition component that drives the disease or can be used to manage it. There are dozens of prescription diets and thousands of over the counter diets that may be appropriate for various medical conditions, and the nutrition service assists veterinarians in identifying the right diet for their patients. These decisions are made based on the patient’s condition, the patient’s preferences for certain types of diets, and the owner’s ability to provide the right diet. Referring veterinarians can contact our nutrition service at (865) 974-8387 or for advice or consultation.

Obesity Management

Obesity is the most common form of malnutrition in U.S. pets today. Once weight gain has occurred, many owners find it very difficult to get a cat or dog back to normal weight without help. Is there one best diet for my pet? Will he be hungry all the time? When has she lost enough? How fast can I expect the pounds to come off? How can I exercise him safely? Do nutritional supplements help? What kind of treats can I use?

Our nutrition service can design a comprehensive weight loss plan that makes the process pleasant for owners and pets and through structured diet and exercise options that provide measurable and predictable progress. We provide both inpatient and outpatient weight reduction programs. Our inpatient program is affectionately called “Fat Camp”. For options and fees, please contact us at (865) 974-8387 or

Homemade Diet Formulation

Homemade diets are preferred by some pet owners to commercially available products. In some cases homemade diets are the only way to provide a specialized formula to pets with multiple diseases. Homemade diets are also responsible for many cases of severe nutritional deficiency, so they must be properly designed for long term use. Our nutritionists can formulate complete and balanced diets that are specific to the pet’s taste preferences and medical conditions. The cost for custom diet formulation ranges from $150-300, depending on case complexity.

Critical Care Nutrition

Our nutrition service assists other veterinarians by providing nutrition support plans for hospitalized patients. Nutrition support protocols may range from specialized diets, to feeding through surgically placed tubes, to feeding intravenously (parenteral nutrition). Proactive nutrition in the hospital improves patient care and quality of life, and leads to better outcomes. Referring veterinarians can contact us for advice regarding nutrition for critically ill patients.

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