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Center of Excellence

Center of Excellence in Livestock Diseases and Human Health

L-R: Dr. Robert N. Moore, Center Director; Dr. Jim Thompson, Dean; Ms. Misty Bailey, report editor

L-R: Dr. Michael McEntee,
Interim Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies;
Ms. Misty Bailey, Report Editor;
Dr. Jim Thompson, Dean

The center was created in 1984 to promote interdisciplinary activities designed to improve the quality of human life through better animal health; expand livestock disease research capabilities in the College of Veterinary Medicine (UTCVM) and the Institute of Agriculture; identify and characterize animal diseases that are similar to human disease; and develop new strategies for the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease.

Since 1984, the center has developed successful programs that affect the understanding, treatment, and prevention of livestock and human diseases. These programs predominately focus on molecular and cellular approaches to research in infectious diseases, toxicology, host defense, molecular genetics, and carcinogenesis.

The center has developed investigative strengths along innovative, sophisticated, and contemporary lines in two general areas:

  1. Animal Models and Comparative Medicine
  2. Mechanisms of Disease, Pathogenesis, and Immunity

These areas are each highly interrelated, and the center plays a critical role in developing these focused areas of strength in both the UTCVM and the Institute of Agriculture.

During 2013, the center supported the efforts of 12 faculty members. These faculty have made significant advancements in cancer biology, molecular pathophysiology, host defense, and disease transmission. Center faculty also made significant advancements in the prevention and treatment of infectious and non-infectious livestock diseases that affect agricultural productivity. In addition, the return on investment, as the ratio of research expenditures to the state appropriation for the center, was 4.1:1.

Center faculty continue to garner national and international recognition for their research and scholarship. During calendar year 2012, center faculty published 51 peer-reviewed articles and gave 45 invited presentations at regional, national, and international meetings. Extramural funding totaled $1,746,627 this year, while expenditures for the year were $2,057,499.

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