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Large Animal Clinical Sciences

Anderson Sling Campaign: Thank You To Our Donors!

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UTCVM would like to thank all our donors who have made it possible for us to purchase the Anderson Sling which will further help us in helping animal throughout the area. 

Dave Margetson, with Horse Haven of Tennessee, handing a check to Dr. Frank Andrews. (2003)

  • Anderson County Extension Service - Joe Hall and Ron Buckham 

  • Appalachian Veterinary Hospital - Dr. John Chambers and Staff

  • Blue Ridge Trail Riders: 

    • Linda Bettner

    • Jeannie Cawood

    • Velvet Cole

    • Cindy Conner-Moore

    • Joanne Grimes

    • William and Ann Hall

    • Carla Hawkinson

    • Virginia Hibberd

    • Randy Knight

    • Linda Lawhorn

    • George McAfee

    • Judy Mitchell

    • Holly Walker

    • Cindy Zurhellen

  • Alfred A. Brooks

  • Joseph Brown

  • Timothy and Marie Butterfield (Jorgensen Lab)

  • Linda Chatham

  • Chattanooga Arabian Horse Club - June Parson and members

  • Michelle and Michael Conkle

  • Christina Crawford

  • East Tennessee Combined Training and Dressage Association - Sonja Cowsert and members

  • East Tennessee Horse Council - Pam Salem and members

  • East Tennessee Riding Club (Anderson County 4H Project)

  • Elk Neck Veterinary Clinic - Dr. Kathy Lacky

  • EquiKnox - James Perry

  • Clay and Lorie Fuller

  • David B. Hall (Triangle Farm)

  • Barbara Jackson

  • Joyce and Walter Jeffers in memory of ACasper@ owned by Walta Toliver

  • Sharon and Raymond Jones

  • Susan Kuliasha (Fiesta Farm)

  • Lakeway Riding Club - Paul Armstitz, Treasurer and members

  • Neville Lawson (Still Meadow Farm)

  • Participants of the Big Orange Bash 

    • Anonymous gift

    • Denise Brubaker

    • Silvia Camisa

    • Marilyn Carlin

    • Linda Chatham

    • Christina Crawford

    • Shannon DeWhal

    • Terry DeWitt

    • Dana Donnelly

    • Glenda and Carl Fine

    • Gina Galyon

    • Michael Ann Lee

    • Krista Loy

    • Beverly Manderly

    • Robin Poehlein

    • Valerie N. Rice

    • James Shore

    • Kristine Stalnaker

    • Anna Tackett

    • Carol Tuft

    • Louise Viera

    • Mary Diane Young

  • Arnold and Jennifer Pomerance

  • Diane and Jack Poore

  • Mr. and Mrs. Charles Smith in memory of ACasper@ owned by Walta Toliver

  • Deborah Starck

  • Elizabeth Tedford

  • Tennessee Valley Hunt Club

  • The Horse Connection - Gina Hamm and members

  • Virginia Tolbert

  • Ruth Tuft

  • William Vogel

  • Connie and Terry Wood

  • Large Animal Clinical Sciences, University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine

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Thank you for your support and cooperation with the UT College of Veterinary Medicine.


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