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Internships & Residencies

Part of the college's purpose is to provide post-DVM educational opportunities in the form of residencies and internships. The UT residency and internship programs emphasize post-DVM clinical education. Internships are one-year programs offering veterinarians broad-based clinical exposure to areas that include surgery, medicine, radiology, emergency medicine, intensive care, ambulatory services, theriogenology and anesthesia. Residents participate in a three-year program, specializing in a particular clinical area. At the completion of the 1992 residency application process, the UT College of Veterinary Medicine was among the top three choices of all U.S. veterinary schools nationally for residency programs, based on the number of resident applicants stating a preference for a particular institution.

Because of its proximity to wildlife and exotic animal populations, The UT College of Veterinary Medicine can offer a wide range of internship and residency programs for post- DVM education. The college is one of four veterinary schools in the U.S. offering a residency program in zoological animal medicine and is one of approximately five U.S. schools with a program dedicated to the care of exotic animals, caged birds, non-traditional pets and captive wildlife.

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