What Is Expected Of H.A.B.I.T. Volunteers?

  1. Maintain a positive attitude. We are there to promote therapeutic change, not just to entertain.
  2. Dress appropriately as defined by the facility and be on time.
  3. Be willing to listen, cooperate, and communicate with residents, facility contact person, head volunteer and program maintenance committee representative.
  4. Sign in and record number of residents visited each week.
  5. Be responsible for your animal:
    1. Keep animal clean, well-groomed, free of external parasites.
    2. Make sure animal is wearing a clean HABIT scarf.
    3. Have control of animal at all times. Dogs should be on a short lead.
    4. Keep an eye on animal while conversing.
    5. Recognize stress in animal and remove immediately. Be the animals' advocate.
    6. Be aware of items on floor.
    7. Let animals interact outside.
    8. Do not visit if your animal is ill or behaving inappropriately.
  6. Take your commitment seriously. Notify the facility contact person and either the HABIT head volunteer or Program Maintenance Committee member as soon as possible if you cannot make a scheduled visit.
  7. Respect the rights of residents and staff.
  8. Attend annual HABIT meeting.
  9. If approached about publicity, please contact the HABIT office first (865-974-5633).

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