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The film reading service is an important aspect of our service mission and we are continuously looking for ways to improve our services. We continue to welcome submission of traditional hard copy radiogrpahic studies and have more recently expanded to offer teleradiology services for submission of primarily acquired digital images. In the last few months, we have decided to change teleradiology server and software providers and now are utilizing RemedyView®. The advantage to the referring veterinarian of using this teleradiology vendor are no setup fees and a user friendly interface for transmission of images and read requests to us. Please see the options below for using our Referral Film Reading Service.

Would you like to submit hard copy radiographs? See the link for Conventional (Hard copy) Radiographs

Do you have a digital radiography system and would like to submit a CT or MRI? See the link for Teleradiology.

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Radiographic Evaluation Charges:

$50   * for up to 2 anatomic sites; interpretation rendered via fax/email within 24 hours of receipt
$12    for each additional site
$12   for additional oral consultation (in addition to *)
$50   STAT oral consultation (in addition to *); interpretation rendered within 2 hours of receipt
$100   MR and CT Evaluation, 1 site
$50   MR and CT Evaluation, every additional site

*** For extensive studies involving a large number of radiographs including upper GI studies or fluoroscopic images, please contact UTCVM as additional charges may apply.


The submission of studies is through RemedyView® a web-based teleradiology platform. We no longer accept submissions through DVM Insight.

All digital images must be submitted in original DICOM format. Other formats are not adequate for image interpretation as resolution and image manipulation are severely limited. We do not accept JPG or analog images that have been converted to DICOM format.

First time submission;

If you are wishing to submit a referral via the teleradiology service and have never done so, please contact:

  • Referral Film Reading Service
  • Radiology Section
  • Department of Small Animal Clinical Science
  • The University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine
  • Tel: (865)974-5806
  • Fax: (865)974-5609
  • Email:

We will ask for contact information such as name of clinic, name of contact person, phone number and email address. This information will be submitted to RemedyView®, which will then contact the interested clinic via phone or email to begin the set up process. The set up process will involve installation on your computer of software for submitting read requests and images and is performed remotely by RemedyView® personnel. There is a no fee for setting up your computer through RemedyView®. Once the set up process is complete, submission of interpretation requests and images is easily done by logging on to the RemedyView® website and using installed software.

Submitting Teleradiology Studies after the initial set up:

Our teleradiology site can be found at Log in with the username and password provided to your hospital by RemedyView® at the time of setup. Fill out and submit the read request listing the pertinent information regarding your patient and upload the patient images. Please fill in all of the requested information.

After you complete the submission, you can track the status of the read request on the RemedyView® website. When the report has been completed, you will be able to download it from the website and print it if desired. You will also have the option of adding an addendum to the report where you can provide additional or follow up information on a case and ask any unanswered questions.

The charges for interpretation of images submitted via the teleradiology service are the same as for submission of conventional radiographic studies listed above.

Conventional (Hardcopy) Radiographs:

Mail film to us -- please include the Referral Film Request Form* - The Referral Film Request Form is a PDF file. You can type directly into it and then print it and submit it with your radiographs.

To ensure fast turnaround of interpretation reports, please include either your fax number or an email address.

Mail Radiographs to:

  • Referral Film Reading Service
  • Radiology Section
  • University of Tennessee
  • C247 Veterinary Medical Center
  • Knoxville, TN 37996-4544

Radiographs can also be dropped off at the radiology section (see contact info below) and the report will be sent as described for mail-in films.

The radiographs will be mailed back to your hospital by US Postal Service.

Submission of digital images on CD:

If you wish to submit a CD with DICOM digital images, please note that there will be an additional charge of $20 added to cover the costs of handling these images. We strongly recommend using the RemedyView® teleradiology service for submission of your digital images. All digital images must be submitted in original DICOM format. Other formats are not adequate for image interprestation as resolution and image manipulation are severely limited. We do not accept JPG or analog images that have been converted to DICOM format.

STAT Interpretation/Consultation:

STAT consultation by UTCVM radiologists is available during regular business hours, Monday-Friday 8AM-5PM. An additional $50 STAT fee will be added to the regular film reading charge. STAT interpretation is available for both digital teleradiology images and mailed in/dropped off radiographs. We do request that you call the Radiology office (865)974-5806 or (865)974-5809 when requesting a STAT interpretation so that we can give your case our immediate attention.

Oral Consultation:

Oral interpretation/consultation in addition to written report is available for an additional fee of $12.

Transferring Digital Images to specialty services at the UT Veterinary Medical Center:

Images for specialty services here at UTCVM (e.g. orthopedic surgery, internal medicine, etc.) can be submitted for transfer to these services via the teleradiology website. The designated service and clinician (if known) should be included in the history section of the film submission. Please specify in the request that no radiographic interpretation is required. The cost for film submission for transfer not requiring radiographic interpretation is $1.50 per study.

CT and MRI Evaluation Charges:

The charge for MR and CT evaluation is $150.00. The same charge applies to fluorscopic studies and upper GI studies with an extensive number of images.

Ultrasound Image Evaluation - not offered

Due to the operator-dependent nature of ultrasound, we are unable to provide referral reading of ultrasound videos and ultrasound still images.


If you experience technical difficulties when attempting to upload an imaging study to the teleradiology website, please contact RemedyView® via email ( or by telephone (800)757-0266 for support.

For questions or concerns regarding an interpretation of a submitted study, please contact the Radiology Section at (865)974-5806 or (865)974-5809 or add an addendum to the report attached to the images on the RemedyView® website.

Mail File To and Contact Info:

  • Referral Film Reading Service
  • Radiology Section
  • Department of Small Animal Clinical Science
  • C247 Veterinary Medical Center
  • Knoxville TN 37996-4544
  • Tel: (865)974-5806 or (865)974-5809
  • Fax: (865)974-5609

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