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The College of Veterinary Medicine

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About the Veterinary Summer Experience Program

Veterinary medicine is a profession offering multiple career opportunities. From caring for sick animals to conducting medical research that helps both animals and humans, veterinarians are involved in many exciting careers.

The Veterinary Summer Experience Program seeks to provide worthwhile opportunities for students interested in veterinary medicine while simultaneously generating a pool of potential veterinary students. To this end, the program has been designed to provide valuable educational experiences and acquaint students with all facets of our exciting profession. Students will work in a local veterinary practice in their hometown for six weeks and then spend one week in Knoxville as guests of the University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine. While at the veterinary college, they will be involved in various educational programs including lectures, laboratories, and clinical rotations. Throughout the seven weeks, students will be employees of the University of Tennessee and will receive bi-weekly compensation. There is no cost to attend the Veterinary Summer Experience Program.

Applicants must also have an interest in veterinary medicine as a potential career.

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