Veterinary Hyperbaric
Medicine Society





  Dr. Dennis Geiser


The mission of the Veterinary Hyperbaric Medicine Society is to advance the science and clinical application of hyperbaric therapy in animal and human medicine through the promotion of education, discovery, and collaboration.


The VHMS will be a forum for communications involving hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

The VHMS will promote continuing education in hyperbaric physiology, physics and medical application to professional students, technicians, practicing and academic veterinarians, the human medical community and the general public.

The VHMS will be a source for operational safety and animal management in the application of hyperbaric therapy in clinical medicine and research.

The VHMS will be a source of certification training information.


The VHMS will promote and assist in the dissemination of new informaiton in the physics, physiology and clinical application of hyperbaric oxygen therapy in animals.


The VHMS will promote an interdisciplinary approach to the sharing of information the clinical application of hyperbaric therapy and to the discovery of new knowledge in hyperbaric medicine.

The VHMS will be a venue for those interested in hyperbaric medicine in animals and humans to share experiences, ideas, research efforts and results, needs, and to facilitate a multidisciplinary approach to collaboration and the sharing of expertise.


    1. To develop an organized forum (the society) for those interested in veterinary and/or human hyperbaric medicine.
    2. To educate professionals and the public about hyperbaric medicine and its application in animals. Target: veterinary students, practicing veterinarians, academic veterinarians, veterinary technicians, certified hyperbaric technicians, animal owners, societies, associations, and clubs, etc.
    3. To facilitate, or be a link for, collaboration in the discovery of new knowledge in veterinary and human hyperbaric medicine.
    4. To promote operator and patient safety and proper patient management before, during and after hyperbaric oxygen therapy.


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